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Signed comics are the speciality of Dynamic Forces (DF), a US comics company that specialises in producing limited edition variant comics & signed comics as well as lithographs & other autographed entertainment products. Comic artists & writers that have done autographs on Dynamic Forces Signed Comics include Stan Lee, John Romita Sr & Jr., Alex Ross, John Cassaday, the late Michael Turner, Frank Miller, Marc Silvestri, Brian Michael Bendis & many more!
DF Signed comics are generally limited edition comics, which are hand numbered and come sealed with a numbered Certificate Of Authenticity (COA) confirming that the signature is authentic. The COA number should match the number on the front of the comic book. There are a small number of signed comic releases from DF that do not have numbering on the front or on the COA either. 

However, if the comic cover is hand numbered but the COA isn't, then it's highly likely that the signature is a fake. Email us at
sales@heroesassemble.com for more details on spotting fakes and we can help you to avoid the couple of UK eBayers who have actively sold forgeries!

Heroes Assemble has assembled (easy! - Ed.) the largest range of Dynamic Forces Signed Comics in the UK with well over 1,000 different signed comic books available from Marvel Comics, DC Comics, Top Cow Comics and various Independent publishers!

Signed Comics DC Dynamic Forces

Signed Comics DC Dynamic Forces

Signed comics published by DC comics & Dynamic Forces...

Signed Comics Independents Dynamic Forces

Signed Comics Independents Dynamic Forces

Signed comics from Dynamic Forces & Independent comic publishers including Crusade, Avatar, DDP & others...

Signed Comics Marvel Dynamic Forces

Signed Comics Marvel Dynamic Forces

Signed comics published by Marvel Comics & Dynamic Forces...

Signed Comics Top Cow Dynamic Forces

Signed Comics Top Cow Dynamic Forces

Signed comics published by Top Cow & Dynamic Forces...

Medieval Spawn Witchblade #2 Dynamic Forces Signed x2 DF COA Image comic book



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